Student Opinion

Student Opinion

Dabhi Seema -

As per my opinion the Umiya college is the one of the best commerce colleges for girls in ahmedabad, which is having strong and reputed management? Excellent faculties of various subjects and well equipped infrastructure. My college also provides the bright ideas about successful future by providing extra courses like CS, CCC, Tally , Kayas , Finishing school etc.

All faculty members help us to build up high level of confidence about the overall development and career oriented progress. NSS, NCC and sports are also important wings of our college.

I thank God to give me opportunity to be part of this Umiya unique campus.

Desai Poonam - T.Y.B.A

I believe, I am the luckiest person for getting chance to study in this college. In this college, we have got not only lessons of academics but also lessons of life. Principal and professors of this college are always ready to cultivate inner qualities of students. After coming here, I have been more familiar to myself. I always owe to this college for getting knowledge, sacrament and understanding of my real self.

Patel Hemali -

I secure my admission threw online system in one of the best colleges of a’ bad , Umiya Arts and Commerce college ,sola A, bad . I have heard that “No knowledge without college. ‘ having secured admission. In this college, I can understand the value of college education. Here I met my scholar and learned professors. Apart from curriculum I have learnt many life like lessons many teachers help me to learn commerce subject other teacher taught many life management lessons. This college gives me an opportunity to become CR (Class Representative) throughout three years. As a CR I have learnt many management lessons and problems solving struggles. Every year the college organizes many cultural, management, curricular, many cultural, management NSS and NCC activities. Being a student, I took part in NSS activities. Every year NSS department organizes 7 days camp in the rural areas of ahmedabad. During 7 days camp we did many activity like village clearing as to spread literacy among the understand villagers, spread literary regarding important of election etc. through organizing rally. With the heavy heart we departed from those people and village.

This college gave me many golden opportunities which has shaped ma and furnished me. I don’t find the words to express my gratitude college; this college has ignited the light of acumen in my life.

This college makes me a complete student.

Nandini Sharma -

I am Nandini Sharma, and here I want to share my experience about my college Shree Umiya Arts and Commerce college for girls.

I considered myself lucky and proud to be a student of this college. I am perusing my graduation in commerce stream and I believe that this is the best college for studies. The college enriched into me a quality of life that will very helpful for me in future.

I am very influenced by my principal of this college, DR. Sangita Ghate ma’am. She is my role model. Her management skill and teaching skill influenced me a lot. She is very supportive to all.

All professors has imparted my knowledge and skill through their best teaching skill. I specially wants to thank Prof.Nakul sir, Nirav sir, Manish sir, Ajitha ma’am, Rupal ma’am for providing their precious knowledge to us. I specially found that regular classes and test proves very helpful to score best in exams.

The college also provided the course of finishing school organized by knowledge consortium of Gujarat, which increased the soft skill , interview skill in every student.

I am considering myself fortunate by attaining this types of course and to have such a brilliant professors.

I highly recommend Umiya College to other students.


I am feeling very proud & honored to be part of Umiya Arts & Commerce College. It’s really great experience of my academic life. The education system of this college is best then the other colleges. All professors are very humble and helpful. Their knowledge of the subject is very strong & they explain every topic sincerely & easily. I found here friendly environment it’s like family. My professors helped me about choosing my career they bought confidence in me & boosted my self confidence. Now I can present myself without any hesitation. They helped me to choose a correct path for my successful life.

In last three years I realize what I am. I felt some positive changes in myself. All credit goes to my professors & our principal ma’am. If I say that this is the best college of Ahmedabad It’s not proved to be wrong.


I think it is very helpful having teachers that make you want to study and make you learn new things without being boring but funny and witty instead. It was such an interesting experience because every day we learnt something new, we improved our grammar talking and I think most of the class can now express themselves better. It’s great to combine intellectual growth and having fun. The teachers are very competent and help us with our questions in a good way. I have learnt a lot and made great progress. The staff was always nice and willing to help. Best teachers I have ever had. I still have a lot to learn but I had started already to think in English “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”.

Tanvi Garala - T.Y

One of the most interesting stages in life that gives you an opportunity to explore is the “college phase”. Umiya girls college is one of the best colleges in Ahmedabad. I am so fortunate that I got addmission in this college. Our principal is an accomplished person who has linked the whole college into one group and all work as a team. All professors helped well as my guide not just in my academics but in life in general. This college is constantly working to give students high status in life, it gives some of the best opportunities to the students for Education expansion, Curricular activities, Placement, Sports and all other aspects.