Feedback on Infrastructure Facilities

Question A - Excellent B - Very Good C - Good D - Average
Q1 - Fees structure.
Q2 - Library Facilities.
Q3 - Computer Facilities.
Q4 - Internet Facilities and Connectivity.
Q5 - Hostel Facilities.
Q6 - Extra-Curricular Activities.
Q7 - Sports Facilities.
Q8 - Drinking Water Facilities.
Q9 - Safety & Security in the campus.
Q10 - Cleanliness of toilets.
Q11 - Cleanliness of class rooms.
Q12 - Aeration in class rooms.
Q13 - Disabled Person friendly campus.
Q14 - Overall experience.

Feedback on Administration

Question A - Excellent B - Very Good C - Good D - Average
Q15 - Do you receive the Internal Marks Statements in time?
Q16 - Are you making use of social Services in the institution?
Q17 - Do you think that your grievances are Redressed?
Q18 - Functioning of a placement cell in the institution.
Q19 - Timely disbursement of Scholarship from the institution.

Feedback on Teachers

Question A - Excellent B - Very Good C - Good D - Average
Q20 - Technical Knowledge of the teacher (as perceived by you).
Q21 - Overall Knowledge of the teacher (as perceived by you) .
Q22 - Communication Skills (in terms of articulation and comprehensibility).
Q23 - Sincerity and Commitment of the teacher.
Q24 - Interest generated by the teacher.
Q25 - Ability to design quizzes / tests / assignments / examinations and projects to evaluate students understanding of the course.
Q26 - Provision of sufficient time for feedback
Q27 - Do teachers engage the class for full duration and complete the course in time?
Q28 - Guidance provided by teachers in academic as well as non-academic matters inside and outside the class.
Q29 - Effectively controlling and leading the class by teacher.
Q30 - Encouragement provided to students to think critically and learn.
Q31 - Do teachers encourage students to monitor their own learning?
Q32 - Overall ability of teachers to answer questions asked by students
Q33 - Do teachers provide useful feedback on students work?
Q34 - Teacher student relation
Q35 - Professional development
Q36 - Development of Problem-solving Skills
Q37 - Overall rating

Feedback on Teaching, Learning and Program

Question A - Excellent B - Very Good C - Good D - Average
Q38 - Learning value (In terms of skills, concepts, knowledge, analytical abilities or broadening perspectives).
Q39 - Applicability / relevance of course / program to real life situations.
Q40 - Depth of the course content.
Q41 - Extent of coverage of course.
Q42 - Extent of effort required by students.
Q43 - Relevance / learning value of project / report.
Q44 - Placement cell activities.
Q45 - Counseling cell activities.
Q46 - Mechanism for internal evolution (Assignment, Field Visit, Presentation etc.).
Q47 - Soft skill development programmes.
Q48 - Approach of institute towards start up and innovation.
Q49 - Overall rating.

Feedback on Safety

Question A - Excellent B - Very Good C - Good D - Average
Q50 - Quality of Identity card.
Q51 - CCTV monitoring.
Q52 - Role of Woman Development Council.
Q53 - Does Institution conduct awareness programmes?
Q54 - Does any complain box are placed for students?
Q55 - First aid availability.
Q56 - Overall Experience.